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MySQL vs. PostgreSQL

Database management is important in all online businesses. Common databases such as Microsoft's SQL Server, IBM's DB2 Server and Oracle have features that developers use to create and maintain web-based businesses. Their features have tools for data management, data replication, storage options, intuitive backup utilities and more.

Open-source software has developed greatly in the last couple of years, which has encouraged developers to use open-source versions rather than proprietary solutions. Many web hosts use LAMP system. Linux operating system, Apache server, MySQL database and Perl programming language have become the most reliable hosting tools in the market. MySQL is a very popular database management system but PostgreSQL is as good, if not better.

PostgreSQL is an RDBMS (relational database system) started by the POSTGRES project. It was meant to replace Ingres. Over time, it was developed to assume many roles in various organizations, which included managing education resources, financial data analysis, and asteroid tracking. Initially, it used a language called PostQUEL. Officially, it became to be known as PostgreSQL after introducing Postgre95.

MySQL, on the other hand, was used to connect data structure. It's developers noticed many feature deficiencies and set to work on a front-end version of the system and eventually, MySQL became an open-source product. It has become an important tool in the web hosting industry.

MySQL and Postgre have different licenses in terms of availability and how they can be used even though they are designed to serve similar purposes. MySQL can be accessed as free software under the GNU GPL project. It's Enterprise subscriptions are given for dual licensing and business users under conventional proprietary licensing agreements only. Therefore, it is not compatible with GPL sofware.

For PostgreSQL, licensing is simpler. It's available to anyone if a copy of the license is included and given with the software. This makes it easy for users to release commercial products using PostgreSQL without including source codes. When looking for web hosting solutions, keep licensing in mind also in order to be able to manage and develop your business better.

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