cPanel or vDeck?

Most webmasters will opt for cPanel because, more often than not, they've never heard of vDeck. vDeck is very new in the Internet world, so new that webmasters aren't familiar with it yet. Here's why it could be comparable or even better than a cPanel host. But here's what a vDeck is.

Don't be mystified, it's not very complicated. vDeck is the third edition with a web control panel to manage websites. It's in fact supposed to be more than a control panel, according to its website. It's expected to be the next generation website management tool that makes sites easier to create, manage and control.

vDeck is really just a big system that promotes and builds website even if you don't know HTML. Features will have web statistics program to help you track traffic, pre-installed professional design templates, content manager, advertising services and more. It will be more professional than cPanel and be great for young business people. Webhosts are already starting to use vDeck and even offer it in their web hosting package services. Critics aren't yet sure how to react because the interface is more difficult to learn but even though vDeck might be slightly more complicated, it's more in-depth for big e-commerce sites.

cPanel is certainly easier and simpler in terms of interface, which is more complete and has many SMM applications, including Joomla, Moodle, and Tikiwiki. Webmasters love how fantastic Fantastico's funcationality and usability is. This the vDeck sadly does not have. vDeck has various features but cPanel's features suit webmasters who prefer simple and functional solutions. This has helped maintain cPanel user loyalty.

The problems in CPanel? Basic tools are all it has. It's not really helpful for e-commerce people who want to start a more complex system for web management. vDeck can be helpful here because it has features like osCommerce, Shopsite, search engine, optimizations and submission services.

In the end, it's really up to you whether you choose to have a vDeck or cPanel. If your website is for individual or small business, cPanel would be just right for you because it's easy and of course, fantastic with Fantastico. If the website's manager is looking to create a sleek and professional e-commerce website, vDeck would be best.
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