Reseller vs Dedicated Hosting

Which is better: reseller hosting or dedicated hosting? When starting out with a web hosting business, most people don't know which to choose. Both businesses have many advantages and disadvantages that make them suitable for certain specific businesses.

Reseller Hosting Reseller account is easy and not very expensive. It's a good way to enter the web hosting business. The price of reseller is almost the same as shared hosting, usually not more than $20/month. Structurally, reseller hosting is best for a person who's starting out with little experience in how to maintain a web server. Reseller account lets user bypass server administration in order to manage various components - both software and hardware - and focus on developing the business. The host company gives user an administrative control panel to manage account and other web hosting plans sold. Reseller hosting is much cheaper than a dedicated server but it has limited features, flexibility, and control in comparison.

Dedicated Hosting For someone who wants to control all aspects of their business, dedicated server is the best option since it allows you full authority in elements such as control panel, programming scripts, operating system and more. User can fit the the system to meet their business needs without having to compete for resources like in shared hosting services. Dedicated server allows you to have your own disk space, CPU, RAM, bandwidth and things that would be possible in other types of hosting accounts, especially shared. It allows user to start reselling business on a greater scale. However, dedicated hosting requires user to be informed about server management and other technical know-how. It's also infinitely more expensive than reseller hosting.

Both reseller and dedicated hosting solutions have their own pros and cons. It's again up to the user to choose the kind of solution they want to use. Users may even offer reseller hosting accounts on dedicated servers.
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